Natural Emotional Recovery

First responders are placed in people's lives during incredibly intense moments. As years of service add up and so do the number of intense call-outs which can lead to stress, physical and emotional. When we are physically injured we see a doctor or go to physical therapy to learn to heal our bodies.

Peer2Peer Pillar aims to provide tools to process emotional stress that can build up over time and experiences. Awareness is the best prevention for early symptons of emotional stress.

Better Together

Our community of fellow first responders has experienced the same training you will experience online. Web-based training allows your team to access this educational experience in their own time.

Peer2Peer Pillar teaching is provided by culturally sensitive highly trained professionals with years of experience working as and with first responders.

The techiniques I learened during my Peer2Peer Pillar training has brought great self awareness to the need for on-going emotional health & well being. Our department is better for our time invested in P2P Pillar. Every new team member will be on-board with this quality training to promote the natural recovery we can all achieve.

— Fellow First Responder